Altrusa Teen Share

Meeting the housing and educational needs of Branch County youth.

Altrusa Teen SHARE (Student Housing And Resource Exchange) is a homeless shelter and program for teenagers in Branch County and the surrounding areas. Since 1996 this program has allowed a safe haven for teens. Each student is assessed individually to see if our services will meet the needs of the teen.

These teens have become homeless due to various circumstances. They include parent neglect, substance abuse and innumerable circumstances that landed them in this situation.

How do you know?

Have you ever had a teen that has slept on your couch for a few days and then moves on to another couch? That teen might be homeless. Have you noticed a teen wearing the same clothes to school for several days? That teen might be homeless. Do you notice a teen hanging around in doorways or maybe falling asleep in class? That teen might be homeless.

How does it work?

We have two ranch style homes that allow the teens independent living while pursuing their education. The program has the capacity to house 6 boys and 6 girls. The boys and girls are in separate homes but come together for group counseling.

We have a counselor on staff that helps with personal issues the teen may be dealing with individually. We also have a resident aide that lives on site to assist with curfew checks and life skills training. Ladies from Coldwater Altrusa International assist in both volunteerism and aid for the teens. This program is one that is close to many people’s hearts and there are many resources available for the teen in this situation.

Thanks to you, we are able to provide:

  • A private furnished bedroom
  • Access to donations from the community
  • Access to a teenager friendly computer
  • Security and supervision
  • A weekly support group
  • Guidance with assessing other programs that the teenager may qualify for, such as, food stamps, Medicaid, and SSI
  • Information and referrals on other services in the area
  • Access to our McKinney-Vento Assistance program
  • Individual case management
  • Life skills guidance
  • Assistance with continuing their education
  • Employment support/assistance
  • Opportunities to volunteer
  • After graduation, six months to find another place to live
  • Continued services after exiting

If you need help, or if you’re trying to help someone in need, please contact us today. We’re here to help! (517) 278-7233

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