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Domestic Violence Support Group Event

June 11, 2024 – from 5PM to 6:30PM

Domestic Violence Support Group

Join us for a supportive and confidential gathering aimed at helping individuals affected by domestic violence. Our support group offers a safe space for survivors to share their experiences, gain emotional support, and access valuable resources.

Who Should Attend:
– Survivors of domestic violence
– Friends and family members seeking to support a loved one
– Anyone interested in learning more about domestic violence and support resources

Key Activities:
– Sharing personal stories (optional)
– Group discussions
– Information on local resources and services
– Coping strategies and self-care techniques

Contact Information:
For more information, please contact Maria at mmora@278safe.com or Sara at casemanager@278safe.com you may also Call 517-278-7233

All discussions are confidential, and participants are encouraged to respect each other’s privacy.

Light refreshments will be provided.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to healing and empowerment.

265 North Michigan Avenue, Coldwater, MI, USA

June 11, 2024 – from 5PM to 6:30PM

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