Laura’s Place

Laura’s Place, named in honor of the life of  Laura Breitner, was built in 2001 to provide safe and affordable housing to low-income domestic violence survivors. Laura’s Place creates a unique supportive environment where residents can support each other’s healing and access case management services. These services are able to help domestic violence survivors regain control of their financial situation, rebuild their life based upon a strong and stable foundation and provide opportunities for their children to learn behaviors that break the cycle.
Laura’s Place is designed to provide applicants with housing for up to two years, for those that have been in domestic violence or sexual assault situations.


There are six units all which have 3 bedrooms and amenities to accomodate the family; the most important being a safe and secure environment for the family to reside.

Domestic Violence comes in different forms.
As many in our society contemplate why these victims don’t leave their abusers, the victims themselves live within a world where the actual abuse takes a backseat to more important issues like love, loyalty and survival.

Statistics tell us that the most dangerous time for an abused woman is when she attempts to leave the relationship and escape from the cycle of violence. Laura was one of those statistics in our own community.

Laura’s daily life was filled with strength and determination as she met each new day free from violence and abuse. Her rewards were added courage and strength and making life long goals a reality gave her the self esteem and power to keep pushing forward.

On the night that Laura’s life was taken, she and a friend were out for the evening to celebrate her accomplishments and her new sense of freedom. A freedom her abuser never allowed her to realize. Laura once vowed that when she left shelter she would return and help other women who share in her struggle to survive. Laura’s Place is not just a place for women to make a start fresh, it is also the fulfillment of a legacy. May every woman who has the privilege to call Laura’s Place home follow her example of strength, courage and perseverance.

And Then What?

Although Laura’s Place will give the resident the time and services necessary to start down the road of survivorship, this is not the end of our support.

The Non-Residential Services Program provides on-going support in the community to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and unaccompanied youth in the hopes of preventing homelessness and empowering individuals to make informed life choices.

These services can be utilized by clients after they leave our shelter program or by survivors who do not need emergency shelter or Laura’s Place, but can benefit from professional case management and support based on the Empowerment Model. Non-residential services include:

Individual Goal Planning
Supportive Counseling
Information & Referrals
Legal Advocacy

Housing Advocacy
Support Groups
Parenting Classes
Life Skills Classes